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A Hyper organic design is boldly displayed in OFFCUTTS 22 collection. Showing playful silhouettes that mirror some of nature's finest physiques. Showcasing a bold range of one off colourways carefully balancing bold colours with darker tones to bring out that contrasting illusion. A strong sense of craftsmanship is presented through the whole collection. Each piece is a sculpture in its own right.  Revealing a high level of third dimension pattern cutting. This is not just a hat, this is a sculpture that can be worn with function. All made with leather offcuts and lined with a fine organic heavy linen both being great natural materials used in a resourceful way. Each piece is entirely unique making way for that feeling of personalised ownership. No doubt allowing the wearer to feel their own confidence. Each piece can be adapted into various different colour way options available to pre order.


Flat pattern appreciation! (Kambi)

behind 1.jpeg

Detailed Blanket stitch loving (Bull frog)

behind 3.jpeg

Quick IPhone paint job to get ideas down for the final shoot..

behind 2.jpeg

Final body paint mood board..

behind 8.png

Hare she is..

behind 4.jpeg

Make do home studio..


Xuân on film - Testing 1



behind 5.jpeg

Xuânnnnn :)))


Xuân on film - Testing 2


Yeeee its a wrap!

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